10 Trendy Technical Jobs in 2017

The technical sector has become the booming and growing sector over the years. Nowadays, it is creating a lot of recruitment for the techies. Technical students always want a better job for their career prospect and one can acquire a better job according to his abilities. First of all, you need to choose a proper domain to ensure your future growth. The benefit of this stream lies in its versatility. You can opt for any of your preferred domain to pursue a better career. On the other hand, you need to understand the present market trend, which will cater your needs. Try to find an efficient training institute as per your convenience. You can choose any of the training modes like online or offline. Try to learn the core subjects like networking, database management and programming languages. At present, more marketing related domains are also getting merged with the core technology solutions. So marketing personnel could be hired in this domain. Get a thorough knowledge about the current market trend regarding technical jobs. This article is going to present some trendy IT jobs, which will help you in an extensive job search.

Most trendy tech jobs of 2017 are –

1. Sales Engineer:

Sales Engineer is responsible for increasing the sales rate of a technical product. Naturally, the person should have proper knowledge on the technical aspects related to that particular product. The person must be aware of the new market trends and the technicalities of that product. Domain specific knowledge is important to distribute the product over a competitive and rapidly changing market. Their job is to provide the pre-sales support, field consultation for effective business performance.

2. Site Reliability Engineer

The profession is related to the operations segment, where the operative manner of the product preparation and distribution get improved. To get into this field you need to polish your skills in network engineering and system administration. Moreover, the site reliability engineer should have a proper control over the operations team for managing changes as well as the business performance.

3. Product Manager

Product manager is closely related to the success of a product. The person needs to acquire proper knowledge on every domain of the product. He is the mastermind behind a particular product to ensure its success. Furthermore, a product manager is liable to prepare a software product with better graphical user interface, interactivity and performance for the market.

4. Financial Analyst

The person on this job profile concentrates on the business revenues, which ensures better profitability. The financial improvement depends on the in-depth analysis of micro and macro environmental factors.

5. Technical Program Manager

Technical program manager is responsible for analyzing all aspects of a technical project. The person gives proper attention on every detailing of the project. Every process of the project runs under his supervision. Project scheduling, planning and execution are dependent on the decision-making capabilities of a technical program manager. Risk management is also a crucial part of this job profile.

6. Data Engineer

This job profile is interrelated to the data architect kind of a job, where a data engineer needs to focus on the data consistency, warehousing and related functionalities of the database. Data engineering is also related to the big data management system, where a chunk of data is optimized in a better version. Data engineers are responsible for making data processing a lot easier.

7. Scrum Master

Information exchange is the most crucial thing within a business scenario and a scrum master is needed to analyze the details about the information exchange system. The way of information exchange is the main focusing point of this business solution. Moreover, this methodology is dependent on some extreme programming, dynamic systems and lean development methodologies.

8. Software Engineer

Software engineer is solely responsible for developing the software according to client’s need. A software engineer could be a designer, coder, tester within a project development process.

9. Business Analyst

This job profile is related to the analysis of the product or process of a business. A business analyst needs to analyze different business development models and its feasible approach towards the growth of a business.

10. Data Architect

A data architect always deals with the architectural structure of the database, where different data warehousing and accessibility get checked. As well as a data architect always tries to manage different data sources to produce an optimized solution.

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