Effectiveness of Job Advertisement and Resume Screening in Business

Job advertisement has become the top most priority for every organization to perform the recruitment in a methodical format. The procedure makes people aware about your current vacancies and business objectives. Simultaneously screening of the resumes is important to sort the candidates and evaluate them. Sometimes, an effective job advertisement helps you to acquire better market position. On the other hand, jobseekers must follow requisite instructions mentioned in the advertisement.

Great job advertisement contains the following things:

Business introduction

Your business introduction plays a big role to pull jobseekers towards your organization. It is a smart approach to mention a brief overview of your company and your business objectives in the advertisement. Your business overview and objectives always help others to acquire better knowledge about the business. It drives their interest to apply for a particular post.

Highlighting desired qualities

You are supposed to hire a candidate for a particular post. Therefore, your every advertisement needs to have proper details about the job role and desired educational qualification. You need to pinpoint required skills and experiences of an individual. Therefore, it is essential to mention the type of the candidate you are searching for. An individual’s personal and professional traits determine his selection. So the advertisement must have all the things included. The following examples mention some of the traits desirable for recruitment.


Required qualification

Skills and expertise

Providing brief overview of remuneration

Everyone works for money and it is the ultimate motivational factor for pursuing a career. Proper pay scale and grade of pay must be mentioned in a job advertisement. The associated facilities with a pay scale should be mentioned over there. By mentioning details of the job role, you create the transparency of your business. A lucrative and informative advertisement always finds a better way for pulling candidates.

Selection procedure through screening resumes:

Once you get sufficient applications from various candidates, then you can go for the final evaluation. Candidate selection is the main thing for which you have toiled in preparing the advertisement. As a recruiter, you need to consider a couple of things as the following.

Classifying resumes as per candidates eligibility

Checking document format as per the requirement

Checking sincerity of the candidate (Checking that has he/ she gone through the entire advertisement or not)

Checking awareness of the candidate about your company background and business process

You can finalize the candidate selection after meeting all of your expectations.





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