How to Improve the Quality of Hire While Recruiting?

Recruiting the right IT professional for your organization is not an easy task—a lot of criteria exists in the hiring process based on which recruiters need to assess the job seeker. Besides, the entire process is time consuming as well as sensitive from reputational grounds. Any successful company goes through a course of processes during recruitment. The following steps will guide IT recruiters to improve the quality of hire:

1. Teamwork is essential: To sort out the right candidate from a pool of candidates, teamwork is extensively required. The team should consist of recruiters, hiring managers and other team members. They need to assess the candidate based on a wide variety of criteria such as whether they will be able to adapt the work culture or they will be proficient in technical skills or not. The more collaborative will be the recruitment process, the best decision the team will be able to arrive in.

2. Go for social media: A plenty of surveys show that majority of job seekers have an inclination to search jobs through digital platform and social media. So, it is better to promote your company with its recent achievements and also post jobs in social media as well as in company website. Sometimes, checking the candidate’s social media profiles will help you to arrive at better decisions.

3. Focus more on performance rather than on experience: Though experience of the candidate is an important factor, more emphasis should be given on his performance. The selection should be done based on his past job performance.

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