3 Distinguishable Characteristics for Managing Project, Program and Portfolio

Project is an important part of the IT industry. A project always contains different segments to reach its proposed goal. Nowadays project, program and portfolio are getting used in every project management plan. Before, analyzing the difference we need to understand the justification of project, program and portfolio. Continue reading “3 Distinguishable Characteristics for Managing Project, Program and Portfolio”

4 Reasons for not Allowing Work from Home

Working under an organization means fulfillment of the daily work hours. Official time also varies from office to office. But on an average, a serviceman needs to deliver 8 hours of work per day. It is a conventional process that, we need to complete the daily task within office premises. Somehow, with the advent of internet organizational work procedures have changed a lot. Continue reading “4 Reasons for not Allowing Work from Home”

10 Trendy Technical Jobs in 2017

The technical sector has become the booming and growing sector over the years. Nowadays, it is creating a lot of recruitment for the techies. Technical students always want a better job for their career prospect and one can acquire a better job according to his abilities. First of all, you need to choose a proper domain to ensure your future growth. The benefit of this stream lies in its versatility. You can opt for any of your preferred domain to pursue a better career. On the other hand, you need to understand the present market trend, which will cater your needs. Continue reading “10 Trendy Technical Jobs in 2017”

Reasons to Acquire Best IT Training

Nowadays, IT sector is booming all over the world and the technical students are facing cutthroat competition to be placed properly. Therefore, IT training has become an essential curriculum to sharpen the required skills in accordance with the professional scenario. Some prior knowledge in the technical domain will help you to pursue IT training efficiently. The most crucial thing is to choose a proper path where you can achieve immense future growth. Continue reading “Reasons to Acquire Best IT Training”

Rational Approach towards Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has always been the center of attraction technical enthusiasts. Many ongoing research works are taken up to enhance the usability of this technical domain. It’s an automated process, where anything could be done through a set of preprogrammed instructions. Also, it provides a lot of scopes for further improvisations. Over the years, scientists have enhanced the interactivity of different AI platforms. They are trying to make it act more like a normal human being with some rational choices. Continue reading “Rational Approach towards Artificial Intelligence”

Effectiveness of Job Advertisement and Resume Screening in Business

Job Advertisement

Job advertisement has become the top most priority for every organization to perform the recruitment in a methodical format. The procedure makes people aware about your current vacancies and business objectives. Simultaneously screening of the resumes is important to sort the candidates and evaluate them. Continue reading “Effectiveness of Job Advertisement and Resume Screening in Business”