Sample Resume: Technical Writer

William P

123 Drives, New York, NY, 00000
Contact: (123) 456-7890

Education: Associate Degree Information Systems and Communications Management, 5/1997

ABC University, New York, United States

Active Security Clearance US Secret (1 April 07)

Microsoft Certified Professional, 6/2002
CompTIA A+, Network + Certified, 05/2000
Metasolv TBS Network Design Certification, 12/2000
Metasolv TBS Circuit Design Certification, 11/2000


MS Office Suite - develops styles, templates, macros for revision control; creates header and footers, cover sheets, table of contents, table of figures, list of tables, forms creation, and drop down windows Adobe Acrobat Professional and ScanSoft Professional 4 – converts to and from MS Office Suite document MS Visio
Process Improvement Facilitator

Employment History

ABC Company Technical Writer (5 May 08 – Present)

Utilized MS Office 2007, MS VISIO, SharePoint Web application, and Acrobat Professional to perform Technical Writing duties such as the creation, editing, formatting, and publication of the following type of documents for PM

• Document Templates and boilerplates
• System Maintenance Plans
• Contract Support Plans
• System Administrator Guides and Procedures
• System Training Plans
• Requirements Definition Documents
• System Integration Architecture
• System Design Documents
• Proposals
• MOA and LOA
• MS Word based and Web Based Weekly Activity Report
• Administrator Manuals

DEF Company (Professional Services Division) 21580 Beaumeade Circle Ashburn, VA 00000 Technical Writer (2 Sep 06 – 3 April 2008)

Utilized MS Word, MS Excel, MS VISIO, MS PowerPoint, and Acrobat Professional to perform Technical Writing duties for the creation, editing, and publication of the following type documents in accordance with Federal, State, and Local contract requirement:

• Various SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures),
• CONOPS (Continuity of Operations Plans),
• Request for Proposals (RFPs),
• Bid Proposals
• System Operation and Verification Plans (SOVTs),
• Pre-Installation and Checkout Plans (PITCOs),
• Performance Verification Test Plans (PVT),
• Endurance Test Plans,
• Pre-Transition Plans,
• Post-Transition Plans,
• System Administrator Guides and Procedures,
• System Training Plans, and
• Administrator Manuals

On a daily basis, wrote, wrote, edited and proofread technical data in documents such as manuals, procedures, specifications, and other customer deliverables. Took ownership of technical documentation to ensure all customer documentation deliverable requirements and deadlines were met. Ensured that technical documentation was accurate and complete, met editorial and government specifications, and adheres to the prescribed standards for graphics, formatting, and style. Work with analysts and engineers to ensure documents are correct, clearly written, accurate, and reflect the required style. Perform quality control checks on documents at various phases of the print and electronic production process.

GHI Company 5205 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church VA 00000 Manager/Technical Writer (1 Nov 05 – Sep 06) Reports and Knowledge Management for DISA DISN Video Services GS25

• Managed the six-person DISA Tier II Support Facility operations team of the at Scott AFB, IL, two SMEs located in the JTF Global Network Center (GNC) Arlington, VA., and three database metrics technicians in Falls Church VA.
• Used MS Word, MS VISIO, and MS PowerPoint Performed Technical Writing duties for the creation, editing, and publishing of various DISA reports, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), CONOPS (Continuity of Operations Plans), MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), and MOA (Memorandums of Agreement)
• Developed and bolstered teamwork between the Tier II and Tier III support teams
• When required, provided cover letters and reports for failed flag officer level video teleconferences to DISA management
• Attended various meeting and recorded minutes or action items pertaining to the transition of legacy systems to the new DISA Video over IP conferencing system.

JKL Company 12355 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston, VA 00000 Technical Writer (May 2005 –26 Aug 05) Network Configuration and Accreditation for the Veterans Administration

• Utilized MS Word, MS VISIO, and MS Excel to create network specifications and accreditation documents for over 2500 individual locations
• Worked with a team of 25 analysts to identify and develop in MS VISIO LAN configurations and reporting criteria for all locations
• Reviewed and edited current and draft documentation for accuracy prior to analyst review or use
• Identified and cataloged source documents and specifications by location for analysts prior to site visitations
• Edited and formatted documents in Adobe PDF format for final review by the client

MNO Company 1651 Old Meadow Rd Mclean, VA 00000 (Nov 2004 – 22 Apr 05) Team Lead/Tech Writer PKI Issuance Team (for the Veterans Administration)

• Authored new SOPs encompassing the ID card issuance and ID proofing processes
• Created SOPs for conducting an accurate audit of issued and non-issued ID cards
• Developed Guidance and Procures documentation regarding setup and installation of ID card issuance workstations
• Wrote step by step User Guides outlining data backup processes to ensure data integrity
• Created and documented policies for the End Of The Day security checklist

PQR Company 1600 International Dr. McLean, VA 00000 (May 2004 – Nov 2004) Technical Writer

• Collaborated with the technical staff to conceptualize topics and outlines for technical contract documents for Nextel Communications
• Consulted with Subject Matter Experts to solicit and collect technical information relevant to topics under development- Researched and collected information relevant to the development of the contract documents, and collected required information from internal Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
• Building on preliminary drafts and working with internal reviewers to finalize content, final drafts of technical contract documents were generated.
• Interviewed software developers and coordinated drafts of Software Lifecycle Development Processes for RFD and Engineering
• Structured, edited, and/or adapted contract documents to support procurement activities
• Participated in technical meetings and met with member of the technical staff concerning projects to collect, absorb and subsequently incorporate technical input from the discussions into contract documents.
• Wrote publications in styles appropriate to target audience
• Prepared User Guide documentation for wireless network technologies
• Development of draft documents using MS Word, MS Excel, MS Visio, MS Power Point, and Adobe PDF
• Development of ISO technical contract documents
• Excellent reading, editing, and writing skills- Auditor approach to process accountability, ability to develop and document processes
• Excellent customer relationship and interaction skills (consultative style with the customer)

STU Company, 8540 Ashwood Dr.Capitol Heights, MD 00000 (Oct 2003 – Apr 2004) Team lead - Information Assurance Technician Walter Reed Army Medical Center

• Provided Training and Compliance Procedures documentation on all aspects of encryption program
• Collected, updated, and maintained a database of all activations and training conducted
• Installed and troubleshot smartcard hardware and software associated with PKI identification, encryption, and trusted digitally signed certificates
• Created digital certificates for authorized PKI user account logins to Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Accounts
• Provided technical service for Smartcard related issues; troubleshoot Local Area Network (LAN), computer hardware, and software for more than 40000 end users.

Independent Contractor - Team Lead and Technical Writer for various companies
Broadband Consultant (10/1999 – 09/2003)

• Used MS Word and VISIO, developed and instituted equipment audit and inventory procedures and broadband equipment specification templates for audit teams
• Conducted TBS equipment module design, circuit and network design training to company personnel, as well as provided training on provisioning plans
• Provided engineering support and oral and written instructions to client employees regarding network and circuit design
• Conducted Audit and Inventory of communications assets in over 2400 facilities throughout the US for XO Communications, Nextel Communications, and MPower Communications
• Identified TBS problem areas within provision plans and process flows

VWX Company - Team Lead and Technical Writer for various companies Broadband Consultant (10/1999 – 09/2003)

• Authored and published numerous Guidance and Procedural documents, and three classified Air Force regulations on topics regarding Radio Frequency and Spectrum Management, Land Mobile Radio, and Strategic Air Command (SAC) Aircrew Communications and Flight Information Supplements, all of which were adopted and used throughout the Strategic Air Command
• Wrote and published two classified SAC Regulations titled Global Electronic Warfare Operations (EWO), and Identification Friend and Foe (IFF) / Self Identification Friend (SIF)
• Conducted Quality Training classes on a bi-monthly basis, and performed as a Process Improvement Facilitator for 12 different projects
• Provided and conducted Communications Training to all assigned SAC aircrews on a recurring basis
• Conducted command / local training for assigned personnel on IFF/SIF procedures, FLIP handbooks, and Enroute Flight supplements
• Developed, executed and managed a $2 million annual operation budget
• While deployed to Vicenza, Italy was responsible for the transition of tactical communications equipment to permanent fixed communication equipment including secure voice, TTY, video teleconferencing circuitry, T1 and T3 circuits, fiber optics cabling, satellite communications, and the technical control center.
• Conceptualized and managed replacing existing generator power source with a stabilized commercial power supply from the local Italian Electrical Power plant.
• Administered a $10 million budget affecting 20 theater funding programs for communications equipment and Air Traffic Control (ATC) assets
• Accomplished financial analysis of fiscal obligations and allocated funds to cost centers to meet quarterly and annual requirements. Completed all financial documents to commit and obligate unit funds to complete quarterly and end of year obligations. Devised financial spreadsheets that accurately tracked financial obligations, and managed inter-service funds to meet deployable communications and ATC requirements in support of United States European Command, USAFE, NATO and Joint Chiefs of Staff operations throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
• Conducted bi-monthly financial briefing for executive staff