Sample Resume: Database Administrator

William P
Ph: (123) 456-7890
123 Drives
New York, NY, 00000


  • Nine plus years of experience in Information Technology, this includes Seven plus years as Oracle DBA.
  • Provided support for installation, configuration and maintenance of Oracle databases and Oracle9i/10g Application Server (OAS) and Infrastructure Server, Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Portal, Oracle Single Signon.
  • Extensive knowledge on database backup/recovery strategy (RMAN, Export/Import & Datapump), Performance Tuning, Capacity Planning.
  • Setup Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM 9i) and Grid Control (10g) for database monitoring, performance and diagnostics.
  • Good knowledge in Real Application Cluster (RAC) Setup and Administration.
  • Developed SQL and UNIX scripts to automate DBA functions. Diagnosed problems and implement corrective actions.
  • Good working knowledge on all related tools like LogMiner, SQL Tuning advisor, Segment advisor, SQL Access advisor.
  • Maintained large production databases as well as development/test databases.
  • Seasoned programmer in stored procedures, functions, packages, and triggers using PL/SQL.
  • Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Willingness to learn new technologies, openness to new ideas and ability to learn very quickly.
  • Certification:

    Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): Oracle8i DBA
    Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): Oracle9i DBA
    Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): Oracle10g DBA
    Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator

    Technical Skills:

    Tools : SQL Plus, PL/SQL, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), SQL * Loader, Export/Import, RMAN, Informix, Objectivity, OAppCfgEd, Opera SMT, LogMiner
    RDBMS : Oracle 8.0/8i/9i,10g, SQL Server 2000, MS Access
    Application Servers : Oracle9i AS, Oracle10g AS, IBM WebSphere
    GUI : Oracle9i Developer Suite, Developer 2000, VB 6.0, Crystal Reports, Oracle 10g Grid Control, CVS
    Languages : SQL, PL/SQL, Java, Shell Scripts, Pascal, C, C++, FoxPro, COBOL
    Operating System : UNIX, Red Hat Linux 7.3, MS Excel, Sun Solaris 9, AIX, Window 95/98/2000/2003, Windows NT 4.0
    Scripting Languages : JSP, Servlets, EJB, JavaScript
    Development Environment : IBM Visual Age for JAVA

    Work Experience:

    Sr.Database Administrator, Feb 2008 – Current ABC Company, Tallahassee, FL
    Environment: Oracle Database 10g (, Oracle Application Server Release 10g (, HP-UX 64-bit, Oracle GRID Control, SQL Navigator, TOAD, RMAN

    * Administered and managed Production, QA and Development AIM (Automated Investigation Management System), PAF (Public Assistance Fraud), and SEXOFPD (Sex Offended) databases.
    * Review database environments, such as database settings, monitoring oracle user processes.
    * Involvement in migrating and upgrading Oracle 9i AIM and PAF databases to 10g R2.
    * Working knowledge in OEM Grid Control (Segment Advisor, SQL Tuning Advisor, Memory Advisor, SQL Access Advisor, AWR, ADDM, and Metrics).
    * Monitoring disk space utilizations, sizing.
    * Involving in Capacity Planning for databases based on the future growth requirements.
    * Coordinating with the AIM/PAF customers at FDLE headquarters regarding the application changes/ performance impacts on the databases.
    * Coordinating and assisting the AIM/PAF/SEXOFPD development team.
    * Actively involve in deploying the changes occurred in the databases in all three database. Coordinating with the Production database team.
    * Working with Blobs, Clobs and Materialized views with Query Rewrite.
    * Data Architecting- Design and entity relation

    Sr.Database Administrator, August 2007 – Jan 2008 DEF Company, Hartford, CT
    Environment: Sun Solaris 9, Linux 7.3, Oracle 10g Database (, Oracle Application Server 10g (, Oracle GRID control, SQL Navigator, Toad, SQL & PL/SQL, Oracle Web Cache

    * Installation and configuration of Oracle 10g Database on Sun Solaris / Linux environments. All installations are configured to SRS standards.
    * Installation and configuration of Oracle 10g RAC on Sun Solaris environment.
    * Created UNIX shell scripts for collecting database performance statistics using vmstat, iostat, ps.
    * Installation, configuration and testing of DST patches on application and database servers.
    * Performed database tuning using alert logs, AWR reports, ADDM, trace files.
    * Performed database tuning using the Advisor central (Segment Advisor, SQL Tuning Advisor, Memory Advisor) in Grid Control.
    * Designed and implemented the database backup strategy and performed full, incremental, cumulative backups using RMAN. Troubleshooting with RMAN backup problem.
    * Designed and developed scripts to monitor instance locks, long running queries, free space, extents growth, etc.
    * Involved in Capacity Planning for databases based on the future business growth requirements.
    * Table Partitioning, Creating Index Organized tables, Creating Locally managed Tablespaces.
    * Worked with Blobs, Clobs, and Materialized views with Query Rewrite.
    * Data Architecting- Design and entity relation.
    * Deciding the naming conventions of datafile, redo log files, tablespaces, and segments.
    * Security User Management, Privileges, Roles, Auditing, Profiling, Authentication.
    * Installed, upgraded and patched Oracle software.
    * Provided Oracle Database Administrative support to SRS (Strategic Automation Initiative) developers, business analysts, QA.
    * Maintenance and provided administrative support on Oracle Application Server.
    * Used Oracle Internet Directory to leverages the scalability, high availability and security features of the Oracle database.


  • MS, Computer Science, ABC University, New York, United States.
  • Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science, ABC University, New York, United States.
  • Relevant Projects:

  • Mining Technique for Access Pattern from Multi-Dimensional Web Log Data Cube, studies web access patterns that display regular periodic behavior over time from a multidimensional Web log data source. This new mechanism generates patterns from the data cube, to discover the partial cycle periodicities of these patterns based on time relations.
  • Simulated two MAC layer protocols (Receiver Initiated Medium Access with Simple Polling and Dual Use Polling) for wireless ad-hoc network using GloMoSim scalable simulation library for wireless network systems built using PARSEC simulation environment.
  • Developed secure web interface that allows bank customers to view monthly statements using Servlets and JDBC to connect to Oracle database.
  • Implemented support of Differentiated Services for MPLS over Ethernet by making modifications to the Linux kernel. This project consisted of two major parts - setting up an MPLS domain on a Linux network and enabling this domain to support differentiated services.
  • Implemented static and dynamic priority scheduling of processes, working set, segmentation and paging on virtual memory management in Nachos Operating System simulator.
  • Comparison of various LAN Technologies using OPNET simulation environment on a network built with Ethernet Coax, Frame Relay, Token Ring and ATM.
  • Implemented Multi-threading in developing a Proxy Server. This project contains a set of classes developed in JAVA that implements a complete Multi-threaded TCP/IP proxy server.
  • References:
    Available on request.