In-person Interview Tips

The job search process revolves around interviews. Relevant industry experiences and the right mix of skills will help prove your worth to your prospective employers. You’ll even be able to check if the employers are indeed presenting the right opportunities.

For most of the interview participants, it might cause additional stress to consider all important factors e.g. ways to address the key questions, ways to prepare for interviews and things they need to wear.

A few good tips might help you in this regard -

Doing some homework – You must acquire more knowledge on your prospective employer. Look beyond the fundamentals. The latest achievements, future projects and news on your employer might just come in handy.

Dressing to succeed - You must look professional regardless of your position. Wear clean suits or other clothes that fit in neatly. Perfumes and other accessories should be kept at a bare minimum.

Leave a good impression - Look positive, prepared and confident. Remember to smile and be respectful towards others. It creates a difference!

Check your body language - Maintain an eye contact throughout your interview and begin with your firm handshake. Speak clearly, avoid confusions and sit facing your interviewer.

Ask questions - Consider asking a few thoughtful questions to share your interest on a particular position. Prepare a few questions in advance and ask them during the course of your interview.

Convey your thanks - Send a note of thanks to all around you. It’s acceptable to send emails. Remember to answer all questions and remain thankful.

Depict your challenges – Show the specific challenges you’ve met by demonstrating key areas, actions and outcomes. The best examples need to be showcased for proving your worth.

Prepare your interview kit – You must attend an interview with a nice portfolio. You must carry any references that you have with your job descriptions mentioned in your resume.

In the end, you may consider practicing mock interviews with your family and friends. You’ll sound more confident and prepared with time.

05 Nov 2016