Microsoft Apprentice Program

To many of the US teens, the internship experience with Microsoft (MAP) seemed unparalleled and unique. It invites up to 20 teens in a class and provides them the rare opportunity of being a part of the Microsoft team. MAP allows high school students an opportunity to explore various career options and learn key marketing and business basics.

Numerous Microsoft groups assign teen members under respective managers. The projects include a wholesome utilization of Microsoft products that indulge in acts like event coordination, research, data entry and information retrieval. Such products may come to you in the form of Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access. Students can even use these products for compiling emails, communicating business, developing and executing campaigns besides creating presentations and reports.  Much of their stress is laid on marketing, which involves creating general awareness on IT services and products and working on social media campaigns.

This program even provides students with an opportunity to take part in group activities besides attending group training sessions. Apprentice trainings provide access to specific resources and help develop organizational skills, so that the participants can perform their roles more successfully.

The MAP program starts every year in the month of August and concludes in June. What follows next is a summer session for students that pursue this training successfully and achieve their objectives. The summer session is mostly about assigning project responsibilities with increased hours.

Microsoft invites application for the MAP program between April 1st and July 1st every year.

25 Nov 2016