Advanced IT Program for Support Professionals

Students can become a qualified computer support professional by pursuing an advanced IT program. An advanced IT program will teach them the basics of Network Administration. With time, they’ll acquire a few good tips to develop and maintain various computer systems besides learning the key troubleshooting steps.

A program that’s specifically designed to train support staff can actually teach them how to use switches and Cisco routers while building networks. In order to make the most of TCP/IP protocols and models, you’ll need to acquire certain skills; most of these skills are covered under a program meant to support professionals.

The same skills are necessary for utilizing OSI models and protocols. A student will even learn how to use binary numbers for implementing IP services and addressing schemes very soon. Such a course will also cover Cisco Firewall Technologies, so that a student understands how to go about network security. Wireless networks can soon be installed and administered by students once they pursue a course that teaches them a proper use of IOS with Cisco. This program will also teach students to manage packages and do a proper server installation.

Following IT certifications can be pursued by job-seekers who’re successful IT graduates -

Linux+ Server (Linux)

CWNA (Wireless Network Professional)

CCNA Security (Cisco)

CCNA (Cisco)

Network+ (CompTIA)

A+ (CompTIA)

*The cost of attendance includes the exam costs.

Possible Careers

A large number of global IT firms are now investing in faster and advanced technology for developing mobile networks. Between the years 2010 and 2020, we might witness an employment growth worth 28% for core IT professionals like system administrators and network administrators. The BLS has revealed the latest stats in this regard.

 Multiple industry positions (e.g. IT Help Desk Professional, Computer Technician, Systems Administrator and Network Administrator) will now be able to derive the necessary skills and knowledge from the fresh IT graduates.

26 Nov 2016