Computer Science Internships

Computer Science internships are mostly pursued by job-seekers visiting Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City  and other major US cities. Most of these internships are offered by Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and other entities. At the same time, you may come across a few other computer science internships in other US townships. Few good information pertaining to internships have been provided by major US IT companies. 

Following is a list of internships offered by eminent IT organizations –

Oracle Internships – The computer science interns with Oracle are now able to opt for corporate dorm housing for free alongside high wages.  Every summer, some 40 interns are hired by Oracle; the applications will start pouring in since15th February. Internships from Oracle are offered to computer science students, which equips them to put their best foot forward and look forward to prosperous career ahead. Oracle internships are issued from their office in California.

Google Internships – Google Internships are usually provided to students pursuing their internships in Seattle, Phoenix, New York, and California. At the same time, Google also provides a great opportunity to international students for pursuing such internships over a global platform. As the students get a great opportunity to take part in cutting-edge projects, they are also treated as full-time employees. In an attempt to pursue a Google Internship program, each student also needs to take care of his GPA. The academic performance of each candidate is of great importance for Google.

Microsoft Internships – Microsoft internships are a good means of following the path shown by industry leaders. These internships are issued in Redmond, Washington. Candidates pursuing these internships are required to take part in projects that are attended by the full-time employees besides sharing a higher degree of responsibility.

Apple Internships – In order to pursue the Apple internships, a candidate has to register with their office in Santa Clara, California. An international candidate needs to consider internships and open positions across the searchable database owned by Apple.

When it comes to quality computer science education, an internship often proves to be the key to a candidate’s success. Computer Science internships depicting huge potential can now be explored by international students that consult the internship resources provided by these leading IT companies.

30 Nov 2016