Google Summer Internship

Seeking a Summer Internship with Google involves a few important steps. An applicant must remember that about 50,000 candidates apply for a summer internship with Google. Out applicants, only about 27,000 get the first opportunity. It’s not quite easy as it sounds; you’ll need to prepare the transcript, cover letter and resume before submitting your application.

The transcript needs to be shown as you need to show how you’ve faired at your CS subjects. You must pursue some CS courses if you haven’t studied CS. You may pursue any CS courses online through Edx, Coursera or your university. You’ll need to score good marks in these subjects. Few of the low scorers may possess the necessary knowledge, but the high scorers are likely to put in their best efforts.

Your cover letter must reflect your suitability for such internship. While writing your cover letter, you must mention your qualifications carefully. In case you’ve been a part of a team that created a port scanner, an HTTP server, any networking app or acquired knowledge on networking and TCP/IP, then you’ll gain an edge over other internship applicants.

Your resume must depict something worth considering.

Google seeks some of the software engineering qualifications listed below –

  • Knowledge on network and TCP/IP
  • Familiarity with the Windows environment or Linux
  • Knowledge on APIs
  • Skills for implementing Python, Java and C++
  • Expertise in algorithms and systems software

You must qualify in order to pursue a summer internship program with Google. You’ll find a lot of online information on how you may pursue a career with Google. The skill sets mentioned above are always preferred in order to secure your first interview.

There are a number of stages that you ought to pass through in order to be considered for your first interview. You may even consider securing this interview through employee referrals. Your chances of passing the first interview are improved in case you’re referred by any Google employee.

03 Dec 2016