Apple Student Jobs

The newly launched students Job website from Apple provides US students with retail and internships. For the latest graduates, this is the right place to look for quality job opportunities. This site reflects significant differences when compared to other job portals.

Numerous job opportunities created by Apple are posted in this website for drawing attention of graduates and students pursuing various professional courses. Besides opting for the position of an Apple Campus Representative, a job-seeker or student may apply for Retail positions at the Apple Store or opt for Internships.

How’s it like to be a Campus Rep?

Building campus relationships, throwing events, delivering demos and hosting workshops are among the primary tasks of an Apple Campus Rep. A participant will get the opportunity to coordinate with the Apple Team and conduct marketing moves. It might even provide a candidate with the opportunity of enhancing product awareness among Apple staff and other fellow students.

How to opt for a traditional internship

Apple interns are considered to be key resources by the entire team. An intern with Apple is supposed to work on challenging projects regardless of whether he’s opted for a co-op or a summer internship. Upon completion of a degree course, a student or job-seeker is likely to achieve a full-time opportunity.

You might indulge in serving a new product launch secretly by developing marketing materials, create a new generation for Mac OS X, support the launch of a new store by developing their products or even develop the next iPad. Corporate clients all over the US depend on Apple interns for various purposes.

Apple retail store positions allow job-seekers to cater to various sections besides opting for corporate jobs and retail store management.

08 Dec 2016