Associate's Programming Degree

A number of colleges in US offer degree programs in computer science and other relevant fields. Such courses may even be pursued through distance learning options. Most of these programming language courses are designed to teach students more on data management, software maintenance, networking, databases and operating systems. 
Vital Information

A graduate candidate becomes eligible to join the computer programming field once he acquires an associate degree worth 2 years. He might even opt for a relevant 4-year program to earn more chances in the field of computer programming. Upon completing such programs, you’ll either obtain an Applied Science Associate or Science Associate Degree. It provides you with an opportunity to pursue certain operating systems and programming languages.

Qualification: High school diploma
Online Presence: Common
Program Duration: 2 years
Other Necessities: Capstone Course

For getting admission to such courses, a Diploma from High School or other relevant diplomas is necessary. There are also a few other courses that let tech students maintain functions and write programs. Besides continuing with their usual coursework, students will get an opportunity to try out their hands at lab training.  The capstone experiences of participants may include writing programs from designing till delivering the end product.

The following topics may be covered under an Associate’s Degree -

  • Java programming
  • Certification Information and Long-term Courses
  • Computer Servicing and Security
  • Systems design and analysis
  • Logical Reasoning and Programming
  • Data Structure and Networking

Candidates possessing a bachelor’s degree are often preferred by some employers even when their tasks can be performed efficiently by professionals holding associate degrees. Individuals possessing relevant certifications and work experience may perform effectively although they may possess associate degrees or diplomas. At the same time, there are a few areas like computer science or information systems than demand professionals who have pursued necessary degrees in bachelor of Computer science.

When it comes to such job resumes, the skill sets, knowledge and expertise of an individual can be demonstrated through certification. There are a number of software vendors that offer certification to students and job-seekers. Students may prepare for certification courses by attending certain training courses.


09 Dec 2016