How to measure your performance at a new job

Concentrating on a number of things apart from work seems natural for a new employee. Considering the date of your performance appraisal, the way your colleagues dress and the vision statement of your company are among a lot of other things that might seem important to you.

You’re bound to feel restless till you see your first appraisal score in case you’re keen to utilize your current job in pursuing your career goals. It even holds good on individuals that wish to vest in profit-sharing.

Appraisal processes for most companies are pre-scheduled and formal; that’s one reason why they may not live up to your expectations. You must find an answer to your queries in advance although the facts may seem inconvenient.

Feedback requests need to be framed very carefully

It often depends on your attitude whether you’d like to present yourself as a neurotic or a professional. Make sure your queries are framed in a way as if it’s a standard practice. This way, you’re bound to feel more relaxed and efficient. 

There are times when it seems apt to frame queries based on your area of expertise. There’s no point in inquiring about your performance directly. Stay put to the expectations of your seniors under all circumstances.

Are you able to measure the key ingredients for your success?

It’s truly important for you to understand whether you’ve succeeded in meeting and exceeding the objectives of all clients within a stipulated budget and specified time frame. You must identify the objectives of all assignments right at the beginning. It will help you measure the extent to which you’re actually meeting these objectives.

You may even read through the ways in which the industry leaders planned their course of action and pursued it. You must find out factors that set others apart in a similar position.

Ask a few others instead of asking your boss

Your immediate manager may not always be the best person to inquire about your performance. You must ask a few others in senior positions when it comes to evaluating your performance. It’s not a good decision to ask your peers as they might consider you as their competitor. It’s in your best interest to consult someone who’s been in a similar position and has since been promoted in your organization.

It will be easier for you to understand the perceptions of other employees once you find a real mentor. 

It may not be a good idea to remain honest and ask your manager regardless of his capacity. It’s much better to seek feedback in person. Seeking feedback over the internet might cause inflection to change vital information.

02 Jan 2017