What to do when your IT job brings you to a dead end

Your IT job might show you to a dead-end even after you’ve been serving in the capacity of an IT administrator for over 5 years. You may still identify a few areas of opportunity after you’ve coped well with various development challenges, support issues and problems related to servers. While checking out your options within the IT industry, you may come across a few professionals seeking fresh opportunities even after possessing considerable expertise and knowledge in Python and Linux. It’s a fact that these professionals don’t have a degree in IT.

Consider the following tips for IT professionals that need a job switch:

Check out the role of a security professional or systems admin.

Securing a job role isn’t always dependent on the professional degree of a candidate. Having said that, majority of employers are more inclined towards hiring graduate job-seekers. It’s natural for a job-seeker to show much dedication towards his very first job. The response that you get from employers might just startle you at the beginning.

You must also speak to your seniors before you test the water. You’ll always find an opportunity to improve the advance systems when your company doesn’t show the right path to get you a promotion.

You may even consider this as an opportunity to improve your skill sets. Being a part of a dynamic workforce helps you in acquiring fresh IT skills. In case, you don’t like the positions offered to you, consider the roles of network administrator or system security professionals.

These positions fall within relevant tech categories and will provide you an opportunity to make the most of your current skills. 

Whether the network of a company is used efficiently or not has to be determined by the system administrator. He also needs to make sure that all of the software, hardware, networks or other components have to function properly. While performing any network security role, you’ll learn how to implement data security. You’ll even get an opportunity to learn a few things on technical co-ordination and planning.

14 Jan 2017