Steps to long-distance job hunting

Seeking employment from a long distance often involves a lot of challenges for the jobseeker. A long distance job search turns smoother when the jobseeker follows a few important steps. We urge a jobseeker to go through the following steps while searching for a job:

  • A jobseeker needs to make sure that the city he’s relocating to is suitable for him. There are a few websites that rate cities according to availability of specific jobs. A jobseeker needs to perform researches accordingly.
  • A relocation strategy needs to be devised by the jobseeker on the whole. This strategy must include a few minor details of your scouting plan tips, relocation budget and timing.
  • Explore the job opportunities that you have in your chosen job location. Check-out a few job sites on the basis of their geographical positions.
  • Check out the career planning steps that you need to follow. Colleges within your favorite area may have set up their websites; it will give you an insight into their area of operations.
  • In case you’re a fresh graduate, you may consider exploring the chances of reciprocity agreements involving college career centers. Chances are there that the college that you attend has entered into some reciprocal agreement with other colleges in your neighborhood. This is likely to help you access resources of those colleges.
  • In order to get in touch with your favorite employers, you may consult their career center directories.
  • Consider contacting employers through “cold calls”. Try out employers that don’t reflect any potential contact. Cold calling involves getting in touch of these organizations by sending emails to their hiring managers. They are the best gateways to the job possibilities and job openings.
  • The cover letter needs to be in right shape and depict your relocation to the hirer. You may check out our cover letter tutorial in this regard.
  • Among all organizations that you get in touch with, the executive search firms, recruiters and headhunters need to be mentioned.
  • Read through online employment ads placed in the newspaper. All you need to do is to go through the Classified Job Listings Websites.
  • Networking is an ideal way to find your most suitable job. You must find out ways in which you may try developing professional networks within your city. Try getting in touch with your alumni associations, colleagues, friends and other professional associations.
  • Plan a single trip to the new location prior to the actual relocation. Your network is bound to get expanded within the new city when you plan an initial exploratory trip for doing rounds of informational interviews.


20 Jan 2017