Customize your resume to initiate a career change

There’s no point in posting your resume against all job listings in a job portal website unless you’re keen to be considered for a certain opportunity provided by a certain company. While seeking jobs, a majority of job seekers choose opportunities within a couple of employment areas that reflect multiple job titles. Your chances of fairing at initial interviews are increased once you customize your resume in a way as if you’re speaking to a prospective employer.

Customized resumes help relate to certain jobs

Addressing the specific requirements of every hiring team turns your resume more effective. A company looking to hire an accountant won’t really be interested in learning about how you served in a hairdressing position. The hiring process may turn smoother with such pieces of information. They will certainly surface during the course of an interview, but it’s more important for you to highlight your major experiences pertaining to the position you’re considering. Once the reader is impressed by your skills, he’ll place you ahead of your competitors.

Customized resumes mark specific situations

You must gather more knowledge on the employer who’s likely to read your resume. Understanding candidates better helps prospective employers through the entire hiring process. In case your next resume depicts knowledge on advanced IT techniques, then you’re likely to be short-listed by a leading IT company. You must succeed in conveying an idea that you possess adequate knowledge of the subject and that you can meet challenges in an efficient manner.

Customized resumes emphasize strength areas 

You may have been using a single resume for all job listings that seem interesting to you. You may consider using two resumes to begin with—one that stresses upon your qualification and personal experiences and another one that shows your professional experiences in a chronological manner. It often helps to use a combination of such CVs.

A chronological resume helps the employer determine whether you’re eligible for the position that you’re currently applying for. It even helps him understand if you possess advanced knowledge on the field and whether you ought to undergo long training.

If you’ve applied for a similar position earlier, you may choose to go with a functional resume. Such resumes are very effective in informing a potential employer about the relevancy of your knowledge and skills pertaining to a certain position. Resumes of this type can be customized to match the position that you’re suitable for. 

28 Jan 2017