Various stages of IT career development

Career experts are of the opinion that the IT professionals are likely to switch careers for about five to seven times in a life time. Managing one’s career is a key life skill that demands a certain degree of cultivation and development.

IT career development happens in certain stages:

Identifying the characteristics through the various stages of development will urge users to pass through every stage more confidently and easily.

Assessment Stage

This stage will allow you to prepare for the work of your life. Characterizing this stage gets easier as you’re unaware of the weakness, strengths and values. You’ll get a feeling as if you’re inquiring and making a dedicated attempt to know more about your inner self. 

  • Getting in touch with a career counselor or coach
  • Using assessment instruments

Investigation Stage

The Investigation Stage enables you to conduct your research on the currently existing work in this world. You may feel confused through this stage till you’re sure of your prospective career options. Most of the currently existing career options are not known to you. All of these opportunities and jobs may get you overwhelmed as you begin with your researches. You may acquire knowledge on possibilities that you’ve hardly considered once you reach this stage with a positive mind frame.

Main characteristics:

  • Conducting interviews informally involving professionals from your relevant field
  • Researching more on your work

Preparation Stage

This stage is again about preparing to do your work at an advanced level. Performing some work that proves more meaningful often makes you feel more excited. Preparing effectively is very important for you to be successful, more so when there’s so much tasks left to be done.

Main characteristics:

  • Developing a success and goal oriented mindset
  • Acquiring more expertise and experience

Commitment Stage

The commitment stage will make you more confident about figuring out things that you’re required to do. There are times when people have rightly identified their desired tasks but failed to remain committed to the process of execution regardless of the reason. This is the stage which keeps your eyes fixed and allows your energy to remain focused on the target. 

Main characteristics:

  • Doing a proper job search 
  • Accepting any job offer through proper negotiation

Retention Stage

The stage of retention adds to your comfort level in your desired career field. It becomes much easier for you to gain knowledge on how things work within the IT industry. It’s natural for you to stay dedicated to your career path. You’ll certainly need to upgrade your skills continuously and maintain the latest industry standards.

Main characteristics:

  • Exhibiting world-class customer service skills
  • Developing a wide network of professionals

Transition Stage

The stage of transition is marked by feelings of discomfort so that you don’t gain confidence on what steps you’re going to follow next. This is one stage that allows you to make conscious efforts on changing your career in a positive direction. 

Main characteristics:

  • Switching your career options
  • Trying to become resilient

Regardless of the stage of career you’re in right now, it’s very much possible for you to pass through these six stages during your entire lifetime.

15 Mar 2017