Steps to ensure a continual growth in IT

Planning one’s IT career often shows them through a reflection of their past endeavors. For all IT professionals, it’s truly important to begin assessing their latest career situation on a right note. Many of them will treat this as a golden opportunity for taking stock of the entire situation and planning on their future growth and opportunities.

Finding the right career plan requires you to ask a few important questions to yourself:

1. Do I need to cover any specific technical topics during this year?

An IT professional needs to answer a few good questions prior to choosing a career plan.
What are the technical topics that I need to gain more knowledge on?
You might come across a number of topics that seems more interesting to you. Try and remember whether your boss has ever asked you anything regarding the skills that are in demand within your area of expertise. You must also acquire more knowledge on the new and upcoming IT launches. 

2. Are you inclined towards acquiring a few IT certifications?

It’s natural for you to check out the IT training, lab, exam and study requirements. On the other hand, you may even choose to sit with your boss and analyze this topic prior to a performance review session. It’s truly important for you to learn more about how you may prove a point in front of the top management. 

3. Are any of your certifications set to expire very soon? 

Reviving or renewing your certifications requires you to undergo a few specific steps. There are times when this simply means producing proof of writing your exam paper, attending classes regularly, posting web content in your area of expertise or getting your job experience or activities documented. Do you need to sit for a certain exam or prepare for it in advance? You must find out the time frame within which you need to prepare and what you actually need to learn. You may even feel like inquiring on additional things that can help you prepare better or if it’s actually necessary for you to sit for another exam. Make sure you keep a note of things that you ought to learn and the time frame so that your certification credentials remain valid and current.

4. Are your soft skills of any real help as of now?

Have you ever considered playing a role in project management, resource management, verbal and written communication? You must identify a few crucial tasks that you can perform towards enhancing your knowledge and skills in your preferred professional field. You may try out a few things like practicing, coursework, volunteer work and projects undertaken.

5. Do you need to pursue any networking opportunity?

You may be able to attend a few industry events during the current year. It might seem beneficial for you to join a few online or social networking groups. You may even be able to extend your relationships by checking out a few contacts. An important part of determining your career plan is developing professional relationships with IT organizations, user groups and individual professionals.   

21 Mar 2017