Job Hunting Tips

It has never been easy for job-seekers to deal with rejection. It’s quite natural for you to get disheartened when you send applications for various jobs one after the other only to get rejection letters from your prospective employers.

You must not lose hope under such circumstances. Rejection enables you to learn from your mistakes and grow with it. Consider rejection as a normal part of the entire job hunting process that helps you gather experience over time. Learning through each mistake will certainly take you a step closer to your dream job.

In your attempt to search for a job, the following tips will help you keep your spirits high through thick and thin:

  • Taking things personally might not help

Taking rejections personally is normal. At the same time, you must remember that the decision-making process of a recruiter involves numerous factors that play a crucial role. Alignment of stars can decide an offer, which varies from whether or not an employer can bear the cost to company or if you’re actually fit to serve the goals of your team.

A single job opportunity might draw applicants worth hundreds from various corners. How you score against others on a given opportunity ultimately gets counted. Your personality and skill sets aren’t just the only factors that get counted. A single person can bag the job under a specific category. There’s nothing wrong if you find another position set against your name.

  • Lay stress on your strength areas

Your qualities and skills are bound to suit the required positions at another company. It’s difficult to find the right fit. In order to attend your next interview with full enthusiasm and confidence, you must create a list of your past achievements and strength areas. Keep on updating this list with positive feedbacks that you earn from others. Your strength areas may even be pointed by your colleagues and friends. Identifying your strength areas will make it easier for you to identify job opportunities that suit your skill set.

  • Find out options to improve

Improve your job hunting approach right from the beginning. Be it getting in touch with the recruiter through a phone call, sending emails, your resume or the cover letter, you’ll need to improve through each step. Consider if you’ve highlighted enough options to prove yourself beneficial for your company or if you’ve addressed all areas of the selection criteria set by the employer. To get things free of errors, you must proofread. Ask for feedbacks at the end of interviews, so that you’re able to fill out your areas of opportunity. It might lead you through pursuing a relevant course that adds more to your skill sets.

A competitive job market might show you through numerous outcomes. Interviews that you attend are bound to add more to your experiences. You must identify things that seem to have improved as compared to your past efforts. A few things might still not be in your control, but with experience you’ll learn how to handle them. Don't waste your time over lost opportunities and move on with the next one!



06 Oct 2016