Video Conference Interview Tips

In most workplaces, video interviews have turned more commonplace in the recent times. The interview process is expedited by video interviewing as the hiring process gets more globalised for job-seekers and employers. 

Video conferencing helps both recruiters and hiring managers in taking the initial rounds of interviews. It helps in saving much in terms of cost of transportation and executes the entire process of interviewing within a certain time frame. Compared to in-person interviews, this is a more efficient means of conducting interviews.

Video Conferences hold the Key to a Successful Recruitment Process

The video conferencing technology makes all job-seekers feel comfortable regardless of whether they are to be hired for an experienced level or an entry level. The online interviewing process has certainly become more efficient for all employers and recruiters.

It often seems a bit intimidating for the job-seekers to face an interview. Even when you leave out the interviews involving microphones and cameras, you might find it tough to experience any interview face to face. You might just be using the same technology on a regular basis, but it could still seem a bit scary.

Tips to Plan for Video Interviewing in Advance

  • Send in advance all materials (e.g. resume) that are required by your recruiter.
  • You must use your desktop or laptop for the interview.
  • Seek assistance if you aren’t sure of how you may utilize things in the best possible way. You may consider seeking a quick review, even when you try things on your own.

Things to Wear

  • You must decide what to wear professionally. Even when it comes to an in-person interview, you must wear the same attire.
  • During a video conferencing interview, you mustn’t assume that only your top half will be disclosed in front of the interviewer. Don’t wear a pair of jeans and team it up with your suit jacket at the top. Remember, you may need to stand up during the course of your interview.


Things to Remember during a Video Conferencing Interview

  • You’ll need to make sure that the table is neat and clean. By no means should you get the interviewer distracted.
  • Don’t make any noise with your pen or while shuffling papers. All noise in your room will be captured by your microphone.
  • Maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Don’t lay the focus of your camera over your head by removing eye contact.
  • For checking out your appearance, you may consider using the feature called Picture-in-Picture.


The Process of Video Conferencing Interview

  • The process of interview is similar to that of any interview in-person. While screening candidates for video interviews, the same objective is shared by the interviewer.
  • Interview questions worth similar types are being asked during video conferencing. You should also be prepared to clarify your doubts by sharing relevant queries.
  • It’s perfectly fine if you inquire about how the interviewer is doing, if you aren’t sure of the proceedings of the interview.

You must remember that it’s necessary for you to give equal importance to both the in-person interview and the interview held through video conferencing. In both cases, you’re actually meeting the interviewer in his office. Getting hired depends on how successfully the interview concludes. Over here, the hiring manager and the candidate share an equal importance.

Avoid a few of the video conferencing job interview mistakes that are committed frequently

  • Picking a noisy environment
  • Indulging in inappropriate grooming or dressing
  • Turning your room or desk into a mess
  • Not using adequate lighting
  • Multitasking
  • Assuming it to be a small preliminary screening

06 Oct 2016