How to go about planning your career in IT

The IT industry has witnessed numerous opportunities of growth and prosperity during the last decade. It is of great importance to plan your IT career in advance if you really wish to succeed in life. There are a few online resources that can help you plan your career and stay ahead in the competition.

Consider the following options while stepping into the IT industry for the very first time -

Career Counselors

A number of IT industry experts have taken up the profession of career counseling when they have gathered enough expertise through years of experience.  Counselors have the knowledge and vision to help you make the right choices at various crossroads of your career.

Register with Job portals

Different job portals have come up to show a ray of hope to IT aspirants that are trudging through an economic downturn. Few of these job portals provide you the very first opportunity by setting an interview with a relevant employer.

Online Forums

You’re bound to come across several professional forums that provide a platform for industry experts, career aspirants and students to participate and discuss numerous career options from time to time. A job seeker may register with one of these forums for sharing his queries with professionals that specialized in his area of expertise and earn their views.

IT Magazines

A host of IT magazines are being sold across popular book stores and ecommerce websites. Alongside IT e-books, these online magazines are playing a key role in shaping your career.  While reading through these magazines, you may gather knowledge on the scopes of your chosen field and explore the opportunities that you currently have.

All of the sources mentioned above have grown in popularity once they succeeded in showing IT students and career aspirants the right path. You may check out new and upcoming job roles that suit your IT skill sets, but make sure you keep upgrading your skills with time.

12 Oct 2016