Resume Building Tips

Tips to Get a Professional Resume

The resume is the key to get a job in every professional sector. As an applicant, your resume must be updated and lucrative enough that can hold the attention of the employer. As well as the resume must be brief and to-the-point. In this competitive market, everyone is running for a better career prospect. So, without wasting the time focus on the resume building tips to acquire the best tech j

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24 Jan 2018

Customize your resume to initiate a career change

There’s no point in posting your resume against all job listings in a job portal website unless you’re keen to be considered for a certain opportunity provided by a certain company. While seeking jobs, a majority of job seekers choose opportunities within a couple of employment areas that reflect multiple job titles. Your chances of fairing at initial interviews are increased once y

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28 Jan 2017

Resume Building Tips to Qualify for a Potential IT Job

There’s just a single job for your resume. A job seeker needs to convince the reader that he’s a candidate who demands attention. The following are a few factors that can make your resume seem more effective: Create your own niche Make it a point to begin your resume with a summary. There has to be an objective in case you’re changing your care

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13 Oct 2016