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Associate's Programming Degree

A number of colleges in US offer degree programs in computer science and other relevant fields. Such courses may even be pursued through distance learning options. Most of these programming language courses are designed to teach students more on data management, software maintenance, networking, databases and operating systems.    Vital Information

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09 Dec 2016

Apple Student Jobs

The newly launched students Job website from Apple provides US students with retail and internships. For the latest graduates, this is the right place to look for quality job opportunities. This site reflects significant differences when compared to other job portals. Numerous job opportunities created by Apple are posted in this website for drawing attention of graduates and students p

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08 Dec 2016

Oracle Product Development Internships

Are you pursuing any degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering and computer science in the US? It might hold good to explore all technology development jobs and secure interviews with the best companies. At the same time, you may consider pursuing the summer internship program with a major IT company like Oracle. Oracle invites resumes from the b

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04 Dec 2016

Google Summer Internship

Seeking a Summer Internship with Google involves a few important steps. An applicant must remember that about 50,000 candidates apply for a summer internship with Google. Out applicants, only about 27,000 get the first opportunity. It’s not quite easy as it sounds; you’ll need to prepare the transcript, cover letter and resume before submitting your application. The tra

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03 Dec 2016

Computer Science Internships

Computer Science internships are mostly pursued by job-seekers visiting Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City  and other major US cities. Most of these internships are offered by Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and other entities. At the same time, you may come across a few other computer science internships in other US townships. Few good information pertaining to internships

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30 Nov 2016

Advanced IT Program for Support Professionals

Students can become a qualified computer support professional by pursuing an advanced IT program. An advanced IT program will teach them the basics of Network Administration. With time, they’ll acquire a few good tips to develop and maintain various computer systems besides learning the key troubleshooting steps. A program that’s specifically designed to train support staff

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26 Nov 2016

Microsoft Apprentice Program

To many of the US teens, the internship experience with Microsoft (MAP) seemed unparalleled and unique. It invites up to 20 teens in a class and provides them the rare opportunity of being a part of the Microsoft team. MAP allows high school students an opportunity to explore various career options and learn key marketing and business basics. Numerous Microsoft groups assign teen member

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25 Nov 2016