Employer FAQ

Our career network involves members worth thousands that check new and upcoming career opportunities. You may check out a number of career profiles and see if you can recruit the best talents in the industry.
We’re obligated to provide your jobs with more exposure and give you an edge over other companies. Your jobs will be distributed across all relevant categories once you start posting them with us. Check out our subscription packages while you’re attempting to find the most relevant candidates.
You may avail our subscription plans online and pay for them with the help of a credit card, echeck or direct deposit. It applies to all of our subscription plans. You may call us at 1-800-627-1567 if you have any query.
Your subscription information may be changed from your dashboard whenever you wish. You’ll find the Update Subscription option in your dashboard. This option allows you to choose a suitable subscription package depending on your need.
You’ll receive subscription renewal emails before your plan expires, depending on whether you opted for our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum plan. We’ll do your billing on the first of a month if you made your purchase between 29th and 31st of any previous month. You may pay for it by using your credit card, issuing an echeck or opting for a direct deposit.
Your profile information may be changed from your dashboard whenever you wish. You may sign in and select the Edit Profile option on the top right corner of your page. On the other hand, you may access the edit profile option by clicking on your Account Settings.
You may send an email to support@techejobs.com or call us at 1-800-627-1567 requesting a change in your credit card information. We respect your privacy and are obligated to keep your financial information safe and secured.
We recommend you to go through our subscription packages to have a better understanding of the job posting process.
Yes, you may change your subscription plan by sending us an email to support@techejobs.com or by reaching us at 1-800-627-1567. The new subscription plan will come into effect once your current billing period ends. You’ll need to bear the cost of your new subscription plan commencing on your next billing cycle.
You’ll need to sign a Buyer’s Agreement with Techejobs. You must read through our Terms and Conditions before entering into an agreement. You may get your queries emailed to support@techejobs.com or call us at 1-800-627-1567.
You may request a cancellation of your subscription by sending an email to support@techejobs.com or by calling us at 1-800-627-1567. Your cancellation request will get into effect once your current billing period comes to an end. No additional amount will be charged on your card.
Once you request a cancellation of your plan, your portfolios and job listings will be shown till your current billing cycle ends. Once you reach the end of a billing cycle, jobseekers won’t be able to view your job listings and you won’t be having access to any candidate portfolio. Even after the cancellation comes into effect, you’ll be allowed to check your job performance history, applicants and other associated details.
Our subscription packages are designed to engage more candidates on your jobs. There are a few things that you can do to draw more traffic to your job listings. You’ll need to make your job postings more attractive with relevant job titles, simple terminology and comprehensive needs. Including a logo of your company and providing an insight into your work culture will certainly call more attention from jobseekers. You may even choose to send an email to support@techejobs.com or call our recruitment specialist at 1-800-627-1567 regarding further assistance.
Techejobs subscription plans get you access to various tools that you may utilize for identifying talent and hiring the most relevant experts. You’ll be provided with considerable flexibility in terms of candidate searches and job postings every month. You’ll also gain flexibility in utilizing portfolio views and job slots as per your needs. You won’t actually be overpaying if you don’t use all of them. We price our plans assuming that the employers won’t fulfill a majority of their jobs.
However, if your job views and slots remain unused for long, you may downgrade to another plan that seems suitable. You may sign-up and check out our 15 days Free Trial.
Once your job is posted with Techejobs, it gets stored in our database and can be accessed by jobseekers searching with relevant technical keywords. Our IT career network is spread across numerous locations and the jobs you post are distributed automatically.