Adobe ColdFusion Interview Questions

Can you list the difference between ColdFusion component and Custom Tags?

CFC (ColdFusion Component) has multiple entry points whereas Custom Tags have only a single entry point.

CFC can be persistent but Custom Tags cannot be persistent.

In the name of web services, CFCs can be accessed everywhere. In the case of Custom Tags, it can be accessed only by ColdFusion and locally.

Validation mechanism besides formalized parameter passing will be supported by CFC buy not by Custom Tags.


Mention the two types of process carried out while setting the ColdFusion Client Management?

By using Application.CFC, initialize the code

The required tag attributes should be specified


Describe the application of CFX tag.

The original ColdFusion extensibility interface is used to execute CFX tags, write extensions with the implementation of CFX interface and write C, C++ and Java tags.


Write short notes on Flash Form?

Flash form resembles HTML form incorporated by flash format. Web browsers that have flash player enabled support the execution of Flash form.

With the use of tag, the Flash binary of swf format form is generated automatically by ColdFusion.

In addition to enhancing user experiences, Flash forms also have several features such as automatic positioning of elements, accordion-style and multiple-tab form panes. Apart from these features, cfcalender, cfgrid and cftree are other elements available to be displayed as Flash Objects.


Explain about ColdFusion Transaction

Transactions are made simple and compact by CFTransaction. When there are more than one transactions assigned, CFTransactions connects with DBMS to transform such multiple transactions into a single transaction.


Mention few advantages of ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is cross platform independent (Supports any OS ) and it acts as a linking bridge to every kind of databases.

Besides supporting all types of protocols, it also works for the integration of various other Adobe Products such as Flash, Flex and PDF.

ColdFusion doesn’t have a complicated migration and installation procedures rather it is very simple and easy to understand.

ColdFusion is practically light to learn and its prospect is noteworthy, especially when it comes to faster development.


What happens when Application.cfm file in an application is not available?

ColdFusion searches for the directory tree in case, if the Application.cfm file page is unavailable. In fact, multiple Application.cfm file is also possible in an application.