CA Identity Manager Interview Questions

What are the versions that support the up gradation of CA Identity Manager 12.6.5? Write detailed notes on the steps to upgrade to 12.6.5.

Basically, all the r12 versions can be upgraded to 12.6.5 version. It includes the following versions,

CA Identity Manager version r12

CA Identity Manager version r12.6 or 12.6 SPx

CA Identity Manager version r12.5 or 12.5 SPx


In case of pre-r12 versions, you cannot upgrade to 12.6.5 directly. Instead, you have to upgrade to r12.5, r12 or r12.5 SP1 to SP6. Even the imsconfig versions of pre-12 should be upgraded to these versions prior upgrading to 12.6.5

In order to upgrade to CA Identity Manager 12.6.5, perform the following steps,

The upgrade prerequisites of your system should be met for the verification

You need to upgrade provisioning components

The CA Identity Manager on the node or cluster should be upgraded

Perform the up gradation of report server

Finally, carry out post-upgrade configuration


Describe account templates

Account templates can be found in each provisioning role of role planning activity.

Accounts present in managed end points and the procedure to map the user attributes to accounts will be defined by account templates.

For each end point type multiple endpoints can be chosen and the assigned user of role will receive an account in the end point.


What is Synchronization? List down the types of Synchronization Tasks

The Synchronization process in CA Identity Manager is used to ensure that the provisioning directory and CA Identity Manager User Store have data in common (matching data).

There are two types of synchronization such as inbound synchronization and outbound Synchronization. These can be used to handle changes from user store or either directory.

Synchronization tasks

Synchronization tasks can be classified into two types,

User synchronization and

Account synchronization


Mention the different password management features of CA identity Manager

CA Identity Manager has several password management features as listed below,

Password managers

Password policies

Self-service password management.

The Self-service password management has the following sub-features

Change my password


Unlock account or Reset password

Forgotten User ID

Forgotten password

Password synchronization on Endpoint accounts


What are the different tasks that allow administrators to manage CA Identity Manager Environment?

Bulk Loader tasks

View submitted tasks

Bulk task

Logical Attribute Handler tasks

Select Box Data tasks

Email tasks

JDBC Connection Management tasks