CCNA Interview Questions

What does CCNA stand for?

Cisco Certified Network Associate title CCNA is an entry level of Cisco professional exam, which aims to verify someone with basic understanding of computer networking and security based on OSI Layers 1-7.


What is mean by Routing in networking?

In general, internet connects to millions of computers and devices connected as nodes across varoius network path. While exchanging information between devices, the device needs to choose the best suitable network path. This is known as Routing. The device used for performing this function is called as Router.


What are the different types of network devices used by the CCNA engineers?

Hub is oldest and least expensive network device used for exchanging information between computers connected over the internet. The installation and usability is very complicated than any other networking devices. However, this device is less intelligent.


What is IEEE?

IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. In networking, IEEE is known for providing various standards and protocols for communication.

What is the IEEE standards used for wireless networking devices?

Wireless networking devices uses IEEE 802.11 standard for communication.