CouchBase Interview Questions

What is the relation between MongoDB, CouchBase, and CouchDB?

Basically, there is no relation between CouchDB and MongoDB. Each of CouchDB and MongoDB is document oriented databases and the representatives of the open source NoSQL database. The features such as the data model interface, replication methods, and object storage have a lot of difference between the both.Write a short description of CouchBase Open Source project?


Write a short description of CouchBase Open Source project?

The Open Source NoSQL database (CouchBase) can be used for two alternative purposes – either as a pure key-value database or a document-oriented database and they are supported by Couchbase Inc and licensed under Apache 2.0. It provides consistency, scalability, ease of development and reliability to the available data.

For the purpose of providing built-in catching and enabling the document capabilities in recent releases, Couchbase leveraged and modified Memcached technology and Apache CouchDB technology for each of the operations respectively.


List down some important features of CouchDB

CouchDB performs some of the important features including Replication Filters, N-master Replication, Built for offline, JSON (JavaScript Object notation) Documents and the RESTful interface.


What is the difference between PouchDB and CouchDB?

CouchDB can also be called as PouchDB as the switching between a local database and an online database can be done easily without changing any of your application’s code. However, there are some small differences between PouchDB and CouchB in terms of View Collation and View Offset.

To order keys in view query, ICU is used by CouchDB whereas in PouchDB, it is ASCII ordered.

In CouchDB, a true offset property is returned in the view results. But in, PouchDB, instead of returning a true offset, the skip parameter is reflected by the offset.


Mention some significant uses of CouchDB

CouchDB reduces a great amount of development time in such a way that, the client-side application uses its leverage to make a direct connection with the couch. This makes the application to avoid dealing with the server side middle layer.

A number of replication codes can be added in CouchDB which will provide an easier way to handle demands.

CouchDB is friendly to the contemporary technologies like applications and connected devices we use on our desktops. It can run on internet connected to the system with the aid of any devices.


What is the change in CouchDB and its community after IBM’s involvement?

Before the CouchDB code is GPL licensed and now it is Apache Licensed. This is the vital improvement of CouchDb after IBM’s involvement.