Hadoop Interview Questions

What is open-source framework?

An open-source framework is a resource with all the source code and license that is available for free to develop and implement in anyone's organization. This kind of resource also allows the framework to be upgraded by anyone on their own interest (after approved by the monitoring organization).


Mention top 5 companies in the world which uses Hadoop.

Hundreds of top companies across the globe had implemented Hadoop in their organization for big data management. Following are the top 5 companies.

1. Yahoo

2. Amazon

3. Facebook

4. Adobe

5. Twitter


How significant the contribution of Yahoo to Hadoop?

Yahoo is one of the global companies which uses Hadoop extensively in their organizaiton. In addition to that it contributes more than 80% of the code to the Hadoop Framework.


What classes in Hadoop framework library can be used for panel styling?

In accordance to the context, the panel can be made more meaningful using the following panel styling classes in Hadoop library. They are,







What is the use of bootstrap media objects?

Bootstrap media objects are abstract object styles which reduces the coding size of components such as tweets, comments and etc. which contains textual content alongside images.


What are the steps to create Bootstrap Dismissal Alerts?

Bootstrap Dismissal Alerts provides a contextual way to provide alert messages for dismissal actions. Following are the two simple steps to create Bootstrap Dismissal Alerts:

Create a

wrapper with .alert classes such as .alert-success, .alert-info, .alert-warning, .alert-danger, .alert-dismissible and etc.

Create a close button and specify the data-dismiss=attribute for the