Ellen Pao Trial Goes Down to the Jury

Ellen Pao Trial Goes Down to the Jury

Posted:Mar 26,2015

Ellen Pao’s lawsuit against her former employer Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Bayers has now gone to the jury. Six men and six women in San Francisco have begun their deliberations in this particular case. Their decision has the capacity to change the entire technology industry’s hiring and promotional policies regarding women. Pao, the junior partner at Kleiner Perkins claimed that she was unduly punished and later fired because she questioned the firms unfair treatment of women in 2012.She has sued her former employer for $16 million in terms of lost wages and future potential remunerations and tens of millions more in penalizing damages. The jurors have heard the closing arguments of both the sides. Kleiner Perkins’ lawyer Lynne Hermle argued that Pao portrayed “a tale of retaliatory woes”. The lawyer added that she designed a detailed exit strategy in 2011 after getting to know that she would not be promoted to senior partner. Bur Pao’s lawyer argued that the actual problem is about uneven playing field. She accused the firm of encouraging a culture where men are promoted over women. This lawsuit can have far reaching ramifications across the IT industry in which gender bias prevails according to the critics. The total atmosphere is against the women and minorities. The lawyer of Pao said that her client was fighting this case in order to force a change in the behavior at Kleiner Perkins and other companies as well.

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