Workers with Amazon are being forced to Sign Perturbing Non-Compete Agreement

Posted: Mar 27,2015

If an individual is taking up a temporary job in Amazon’s factory then according to the signed agreement with the company he will lose his ability to work anywhere else for a term of eighteen months after his stint is finished. This non-compete agreement is meant for the low-salaried warehouse workers and it is strange, unclear and far reaching. The agreement directs the workers not to work for any company that directly or indirectly supports any sort of goods and services that competes with those supported at Amazon. This is binding on them after the completion of their short term in the company for one and a half year. Now the problem is that Amazon sells almost everything under the sky. When a worker is restricted from working in a company that competes with Amazon then it actually means that he cannot be employed by any other retailer in the market. In many industry this type of agreements are prevalent but it is meant for highly skilled workers and not meant for such manual work. These manual jobs do not require any special skills and any able bodied person can do it. The only solace in this controversy is that Amazon does not seem to enforce this agreement anywhere but it did go after its skilled, white-collar employees who violated their non-compete agreements.

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