Too Many Tech Jobs on Offer in Massachusetts

Too Many Tech Jobs on Offer in Massachusetts

Posted:Mar 30,2015

Tech professionals are always complaining that there are not many jobs available to suit their skills. But according to Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council report ,there are seventeen tech related employment available for a single qualified graduate .This is an unique situation where there are too many tech jobs available but not enough candidates available for employment purpose. During the span of 2010 to 2013,the companies dealing with technology in Massachusetts created nearly 17,650 latest jobs and this has led to a statewide jobs vacancy of 214,650.Five years ago the number was merely 197,000.Employment opportunities in the technology industry has drastically gone up. Job creation is no more a problem but availability of talent has certainly become tough. The demand for experienced and qualified tech professionals far exceeds the supply and this is precisely the reason why the employment environment has become terribly competitive. The pharma and biotech industry are constantly growing and the financial service providers are putting in place their IT department which were not in use. These developments have reduced the statewide unemployment levels to 4.9%. Comp TIA's 2015 Cyberstates report says that one in ten Massachusetts workers works in the field of software, telecommunication and technology manufacturing and this makes this state the most tech savvy one.

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