The Millennial Tech Workers of the U.S is Trailing badly in the Job Circuit

The Millennial Tech Workers of the U.S is Trailing badly in the Job Circuit

Posted:Mar 31,2015

According to a study by Educational Testing Services, a non-profit skill evaluation service the millennial tech workers of United States are initiating their careers in the technology business at a comparable disadvantage. The other tech workers belonging to the industrialized world are much ahead in the tech job circuit. United States spends a lot more than any other developed nations on education and their college education is also extremely high class. But they are deficient in the core skill sets and a large number of them cannot perform the literacy tasks. The author of the report said that even a decade ago the skills of the adult Americans were considered mediocre. But in the contemporary times it is below the level of mediocrity even. These millennial workers are the backbone of the country but they are certainly not ready to take the big leap. The lack of the necessary skills has posed a big challenge to be encountered by the country. This report comes at the wake of a nationwide extra push to make functional an educational Common Core. This will focus on concepts, skills and problem solving. One of the main goals of common core is to compare itself with the other high performing countries so that the students can be better prepared for achieving success in the international economy and society.

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