Microsoft Wants its Suppliers to Provide Paid Leave to the Employees

Microsoft Wants its Suppliers to Provide Paid Leave to the Employees

Posted:Apr 01,2015

Microsoft announced that it will ask its US suppliers to offer paid time off to its employees. But they also made clear that this will only be applicable to the staffs those are working for Microsoft. In the initial part of this year President Barack Obama requested the Congress to take measures that will allow the employees to get up to seven days of paid leave. Microsoft in a statement said that it has nearly two thousand suppliers and they are engaged in services such as maintenance and security. They are not sure about the number of suppliers that do not provide paid time off but they have news from the workers themselves and also from the media that some of them do not give these benefits to the staffs. The company further added that the workers that work with the Redmond, Washington will be instructed to provide at least fifteen days of paid leave. The company said that it will offer the suppliers with twelve months of time to bring about the changes. This statement from Microsoft comes at a juncture when paid sick leave and income inequality has become a very debatable topic. The spokesperson of the company said that these rules will be included in the future contracts and those who will not conform to the rules will be dropped and this issue was not discussed with suppliers before going public with the plan.

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