Altering the Rules of Hiring

Altering the Rules of Hiring

Posted:Apr 03,2015

The criteria of hiring a candidate are changing drastically. Today’s employers are no more interested in education and experience but are looking for the right attitude and aptitude. Rack space which is one of the newest companies in cloud computing market is being instinctive about leveraging people power to boost the bottom line. Louisa Lee, the human resources business partner of the company said that in interviews they actually observe the behavioral indicators of a candidate. Since they have high regards for diversity they recruit people from different ethnicity. They believe that skills can be acquired but attitude in intrinsic. The candidate must be culturally suited to the company and they must have the eagerness to align with the core values of the organization and it is certainly a determining factor in the selection process. They pose situational and behavioral questions and this assists in evaluating the team spirit, reliability and problem solving skills of the potential employee. To further the skills of the employees the company offers technical, sales, business skills and managerial training by means of classroom training, sharing sessions and a learning portal. Lee believes that talents flourish in an atmosphere of gratification. She added that their workspace is created to provide an atmosphere of collaborative effort.

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