Serious Shortage in Big-data Talent Pool

Serious Shortage in Big-data Talent Pool

Posted:Apr 06,2015

There is a dearth of technologists in many sectors of the Information Technology industry. There is absolutely no doubt in anybody’s mind that big data has certainly turned into a growth market. These projects are the few on-premises projects that are observing an increased amount of spending because organizations are shifting less data sensitive functions to the cloud. There is a report on big data growth which said that there will be a growth of visual data discovery tools and it will be 2.5 times quicker than the rest of the business intelligence market and investment on the cloud based big data and analytics will notice a growth and it will be three times faster than the investment for the on-premises solutions. But in spite of this rapid spending on big data there is a lack of talent in this field. Even in the coming years this field will be hit again and again by the shortage of talent. The report published by IDC forecasts that in the United States only there will be a deep analytics vacancy of 181,000 in 2018.This number is actually five times more than many positions that require connected skills in data management and elucidation. In the coming years there won’t be many qualified and experienced candidates to fill up these job vacancies.

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