Microsoft is to Recruit People with Autism

Microsoft is to Recruit People with Autism

Posted:Apr 07,2015

In a bid to further diversify its workforce, the software major Microsoft has launched a pilot project to recruit people affected with autism .These individuals will be appointed in full-time positions at its Redmond, corporate headquarters. The company is putting in a lot of effort in this regard. The company is working very closely with a specialist recruitment agency Specialisterne. This agency trains and finds out vacancies for the individuals who are diagnosed with autism. This special program will kick start in the month of May with ten full-time positions the company headquarter. The corporate vice-president of worldwide operations of Microsoft Mary Ellen Smith said that the diversification drive will make the company strong. Smith herself has a nineteen year old son who has been diagnosed with autism and from her personal experience she wrote that people with autism provide strength to a company and each individual is different and many of them have unique abilities to preserve information, think at deeper level or many of them are actually fantastic with math or code. The company wants to continue to tap into this talent pool. The company has been a leader in the field of assisting people with autism. In the year 2001 also, Microsoft has extended its health benefit plans to cover a therapy for children affected with autism. It also educated and informed its employees about autism. Interested applicants are requested to mail their resume to Microsoft.

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