Women in the IT Sector Believe that Man are provided with Better Opportunities

Women in the IT Sector Believe that Man are provided with Better Opportunities

Posted:Apr 08,2015

According to a report published by Spring Technology women employees of the Information Technology sector thinks that men are favored and are offered better opportunities. The survey elaborates the fact that 53% of the male IT professionals believe that both the genders are provided with same sort of opportunities but only 23% of the women share the viewpoint of the male professionals.37% of the women professionals also thought that they have been overlooked because of the gender when it comes to promotion. Spring Technology also researched in depth about the difference in the behavioral characteristics of men and women employees in the IT sector. It was found that men have characteristics associated with dominance and women are more influential by nature. The report actually brings out the gender imbalance that exists in the IT industry and the huge scale of problem that the employers need to address. The managing director of Spring Technology said that the employers are actually missing out on a lot of talent and women employees are missing out on great career prospects .The employers need to be conscious about recruiting more women. But a change requires coming from within the industry and they should support the progress and development of a woman in the IT sector. The report highlight the fact that it is absolutely necessary to encourage women to join IT industry and make them understand that the most appropriate way to change the world is by using technology.

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