H1-B Visa Application Cap Reached for the Fiscal Year 2016

H1-B Visa Application Cap Reached for the Fiscal Year 2016

Posted:Apr 09,2015

H1-B work visa is a must prerequisite for working in the United States. This visa is extremely in demand when it comes to Information Technology professionals. Even when US President Barack Obama went to India, the Indian PM Narendra Modi expressed his concerns regarding issuing of these visas for the IT professionals from India and the President promised to look in to the issue. But in the US H1-B is a very sensitive issue but it is also in high demand. The US said that it has already reached the cap for in-demand H1-B work visas already for the year 2016.This cap was reached within the fifth day of the third successive year. But now it will carry out a lottery system to allot the visas that extremely in demand especially among the IT workers. The US Citizen and Immigration Services informed that it has already reached the congressionally mandated cap for the fiscal year 2016 .But there are more applications pending. USCIS now will utilize the computer generated procedure of indiscriminately selecting the petitions necessary to meet the caps of 65,000 visas for the general category and 20,000 for the advanced degree exemptions. First, the agency will randomly choose petitions for 20,000 visas given to foreign nationals those who have advanced degrees from the US universities. Then the other unselected advanced degree petitions will become a part of the random selection process for 65,000 general limits.

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