LinkedIn’s Purchase of Lynda Will Make Users More Well-groomed

LinkedIn’s Purchase of Lynda Will Make Users More Well-groomed

Posted:Apr 10,2015

LinkedIn acquired Lynda for a price of $1.5 billion which is the biggest acquisition in the history of the organization. With this purchase CEO Jeff Weiner plans to make LinkedIn into a place for professionals handle their careers and learn many unknown skills especially in the rapidly growing economies. Lynda is an online occupational training site and it has created a library of an excess of 6,300 courses that teach technology skills and business from improved navigating Excel to utilizing design software. Lynda’s customer base includes individuals, entities, government and universities who buy subscriptions to access its courses. Weiner plans many strategies to include Lynda into the LinkedIn’s existing products. This inclusion will lead to the LinkedIn users returning to the site more regularly and spending more time on the site. This becomes a cycle and it helps LinkedIn to target the Lynda clients better. If any customer updates the profile with a video, LinkedIn will send a congratulatory note along with suggesting the new set of skills and asking Lynda videos to cultivate those skills. But the actual opportunity lies in China and the other markets where proper training is hard to access.

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