Ellen Pao Going to Face Tough Court Battle If she chooses to Appeal

Ellen Pao Going to Face Tough Court Battle If she chooses to Appeal

Posted:Apr 13,2015

Ellen Pao may have lost her lawsuit against her former Silicon Valley employer but this case have brought forward a very important issue of sexual discrimination in the forefront. In the contemporary world when employers speak about equality many female employees of many IT bigwigs have complained about discrimination based on gender. These complains and many more reports have compelled the It companies to embrace diversification drives in a big way. Companies are including women, minorities and physically disabled individuals more and more in their workforce. But Pao faces a tough job if she chooses to appeal her defeat in the against the gender discrimination case against her former employer Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield &Byers .San Francisco Superior court judge did side with Pao regarding some key evidence but the employers have been extremely successful in the past where Pao’s case will land. If one goes by the Westlaw data, out of forty nine decisions that involves retaliation and discrimination over the past two years , California’s First District of Appeal confirmed 26 of 31 cases where the company own the case in the trial court. The number of cases that were reversed is just five.

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