FCC Sued by the Broadband Providers to Cease the Net Neutrality Regulations

Posted: Apr 14,2015

The Broadband service providers sued the Federal Communications Commission in order to prevent the touch new net neutrality regulations. It is supposed to be the first step towards a long drawn court battle over the digital traffic rules.US Telecom which a trade group filed a petition in the US court of Appeals. The group expects the courts to analyze and review the FCC rules as according to them the rules are subjective, impulsive and neglect of discretion. The regulations were passed by 3-2 votes and are formulated to make sure the unrestrained flow of internet content. The regulation actually prohibits the broadband providers from jamming, slowing or selling quicker deliverance of legal contents flowing through their network of clients . The Chairman of FCC ensured a light-handed implementation but the entities are already complaining and skeptical that investment in this sphere will be hindered and also indicated that filing of lawsuits are likely. Matt Wood, the policy director of Free Press said that that telecom companies have been threatening to sue the regulation although the decision is supported by millions of people and absolutely crucial for the economy.

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