News of Inclusion amidst Allegations of Discrimination

News of Inclusion amidst Allegations of Discrimination

Posted:Apr 17,2015

Information technology has completely changed the world we live in. It has contributed to the process of globalization and industrialization immensely. In a way it has brought the countries closer and has erased the division created by international boundaries. In spite of playing a pivotal role in the progress and development of human race there massive allegations of discrimination that exists in the name of the major IT players in the industry especially the companies situated in the Silicon Valley. The female employees of many IT companies have even dragged the organizations to courts. The female employees have complained against discrimination regarding promotion matter or even unsolicited behavior by the male employees or seniors. There is also allegation of lesser payment to the female workforce. There are also reports and statistics that actually support the above matters. Not only female, minorities and individuals with disability are also in minority in the high profile IT organizations. But in a recent development Microsoft has broken the tradition of discrimination and” Bro Culture” that have existed for long. The company recently launched its program to recruit people with autism. The company believes that autistic people have certain traits that be useful for the company and they can be employed in software testing, data entry and programming. This particular piece of news from Microsoft is extremely encouraging and sobering and also inclusive amidst complains of discrimination and exclusion.

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