Google is Going to Launch its Wireless Service

Google is Going to Launch its Wireless Service

Posted:Apr 22,2015

According to Wall Street Journal, Google is preparing its very own wireless service for the smart phones and this particular service possibly can be launched as soon as on Wednesday. The service will surely compete with the local wireless service providers like the AT&T and Verizon. Google is expected to charge only for the data the client’s utilize on their network. This ultimately means that the users of the service only make a payment when they make calls, listen to any music or make use of any app. The Wall Street Journal reports that what Google plans to do is something exclusive. The entity actually wants to offer two types of services that are overlapping one another. When the users of the service are on Wi-Fi, their phone calls and many other data will use that connection and at the time when they are not on Wi-Fi connection, the clients will use the general cellular radio signals that are more expensive. But Google is not constructing its own wireless network to provide this service. But it has struck a deal with the US carriers Sprint and T-Mobile to utilize their network facility. For the time being this facility will only be available on the company’s Nexus6 smart phone. Google’s brand new wireless service is an example of its growing aspiration in the wireless industry.

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