Face book’s Network is Continuously Expanding

Face book’s Network is Continuously Expanding

Posted:Apr 23,2015

Face book the world’s biggest social networking site constantly growing its audience base outside its website and mobile app. It is motivating people to connect and communicate with each other using its Instagram photo sharing network, messenger communicator app and the WhatsApp text message replacement service and this has a direct effect on the number of users and audiences. Face book said that last month it counted more than 300 million who utilize Instagram every month and 800 million are on WhatsApp. If taken together the number is around 1.44 billion people who logged on to the services of Face book and this number is excluding the 600 million people who use the Messenger. Face book’s aim to go beyond its social network stem because it wants to become the go-to-service of mobile app developers and users. The company has said that it will offer consistent and good software and latest technology for uploading videos, photos and various other things with ease into Face book. The CEO of Mark Zuckerberg wants the entity to concentrate even more on mobile devices. He also said that he do not wish to integrate the WhatApp into Face book’s services.

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