YouTube is Certainly Well-liked 10 Years after its Launch

YouTube is Certainly Well-liked 10 Years after its Launch

Posted:Apr 24,2015

YouTube is popular with every household for its online video service. But it faces challenges in the near future from many of its rivals and there is also a question mark on its business model. The first ever video that was uploaded was on 23 April 2005.Ten years later YouTube has in excess of one billion users and it also has constrained service in seventy five countries and in sixty one languages. Every minute near about three hundred hours of videos are uploaded .Each and every day people view innumerable hours of video on YouTube and this in turn generates huge lot of views. YouTube was purchased by Google in the year 2006 for an amount of $1.6 billion in stock and this was the biggest at that time. It has popularized the concept of online videos but the videos are generally uploaded by the users and the content of the videos are also user generated so for this reason it does not draw revenues either from the users or the advertisers. But it has high expenses. YouTube has over the years struggled to locate its actual business and the huge amount of content it has cannot be monetized. But a report by Morgan Stanley’s analyst Benjamin Swinburne said that YouTube is a high growth oriented and valuable asset.

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