Face book is Recruiting Heavily and Zealously

Face book is Recruiting Heavily and Zealously

Posted:Apr 27,2015

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Face book, the social networking company is on a hiring spree. The company is extremely popular among the job seekers for the many perks it provide to its employees and it has the ability to retain its talents at the highest level. The total headcount at the end of March is 10,082. The social networking company has improved its headcount by 48% in comparison with the same time last year. The chief financial officer of Dave Wehner of Face book said that the company is actually expanding in every direction and the growth skews towards research and development .People who keep track of the company should not be t all that the company is hiring. Wehner also added that the high head count is also because of the fact that the company has been involved in many acquisitions like Oculus, Live Rail and WhatsApp. But there is another side to the story. Face book has acquired all these organization when were really small. The recruitment process really jumped after the acquisitions were made. At one time Instagram had on thirteen employees but presently two hundred people work there. Google is known for its fast paced hiring but it is five times the size of Face book. Now Face book is going the Google way.

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