Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s 2014 Huge Compensation Package

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s 2014 Huge Compensation Package

Posted:Apr 28,2015

Google paid a pay package of something about $109 million to its executive chairman Eric Schmidt in 2014 when the organization’s stocks were still going down. Majority of the compensation package consists of the stock that has the valuation of $100 million. This is the biggest stock package received by the executive chairman since 2011.He also received a salary of $1.25 million, $6 million bonus and also perks valued at $1 million. In the last year his entire pay package jumped five fold from the year 2013. This enormous pay hike comes in a year when Google’s stock actually went down 5% and the investors are also very apprehensive about the organization’s large expenses of its far way projects. There are analysts who have also doubted the fact about Google maintaining its dominance in the internet search because increasing number of people are relying on smart phones instead of PCs to access digital content. According to Forbes Eric Schmidt is rated among the world’s richest people with an estimated wealth of $ 9 billion. Majority for his fortune has been built on the stock of Google which he started to accumulate very early.

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