Demand for iphone is Motivating Apple’s Sales

Demand for iphone is Motivating Apple’s Sales

Posted:Apr 29,2015

The fantastic sale of iPhones has helped Apple to have another strong quarter. The company actually surpassed the expectations of the Wall Street for its fiscal second quarter that ended in March 28. iPhone and Mac sales have created a record for the period. The company has also reported its best performance for its App Store and also predicts strong sales for the contemporary period. The CEO of Apple Tim Cook said during a call with the analysts that the company has recorded incredible sales for the iPhones and revenue is growing at the rate of 55% year on year. The company has also noticed that a greater number of people are switching to iPhones than the last iPhone cycles. He also added that the company strong financial results with a revenue increase of 58% is because of the up-and-coming markets like Greater China which has left behind Europe to become Apple’s second largest market. Every individual is discussing about Apple Watch but the financial results are due to the iPhone sale as it accounted for two-third of the company’s revenue. People purchasing Apple’s larger screen smartphones -4.7 inch iPhone 6 and 5.5 inch iPhone6 Plus at a phenomenal rate since these have been launched in the market.

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